In conjunction to the World Water Day, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is launching a refreshed campaign to highlight the importance of water conservation, and instil stronger personal responsibility among individuals to save water.

The annual celebration opens on 2 March, as a platform to rally the community to celebrate and conserve water, and organise events about water. In the month of March, there will be more than 64 roadshows at shopping centres and community events held islandwide where the public can learn more about how to save water and pledge their commitment to do so.

The theme ‘Make Every Drop Count’ emphasis is placed on the making of water so that we can appreciate how valuable water is. To help the public translate knowledge to practice, PUB has rebranded its water sa​ving tips under the mnemonic W-A-T-E-R.:​

  • WASH clothes on full load
  • ALWAYS use half-flush when possible
  • TURN off shower when soaping
  • ENSURE tap is off when brushing teeth
  • RINSE vegetables in container

​ ​

Learn more about the initiative here.

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