Students, SHG members take out awareness rallies on Save Water

Water is the elixir of the life. Water is a worthy resource facing tremendous pressure on the earth due to burgeoning demand from all sectors like drinking water, agriculture,
industry, domestic, livestock, biodiversity and Eco systems etc. “Sensitizing the people about the water conservation, water resources protection, effective water use practices
in day to life, involving future generation to understand the importance about water” remain one of the focus considered very important for World Water Day 2015 on March
22, 2017 World Water Day partnership under UN WATER DAY housed in Asset Trust Madurai, Tamil Nadu India have made an elaborate arrangement to celebrate World Water Day 2017 Celebrations. This note briefly captures the happenings, outcomes and resolutions taken as part of the World Water Day 2017 Celebrations.

Water Awareness March ( Water rally): The school students along with SHG members organized a Water Rally from school premises that ended at one of the Nilaiyur village
drinking ponds where the Asset Trust have done successful rehabilitation work with the assistance of UN Water Day. The Water Rally also passed through valayankulam village
Outcomes of the rally event:
1. The villagers of Valayankulam and Nilaiyur knew about importance of water as how to protect the water at household level and village level and save the water for future generation.
2.In Kaithari Nagar village also people became aware about importance of every drop of water.
3. The villagers of Thiruparankundram block & village from Madurai realized that UN Water Day 2017 (International Water Day 2017 Celebration) has reduced the drudgery of drinking water in the village as they are now getting sufficient drinking water and nearby villages. The village leader appreciated role of women on saving the water and using it more precisely.

Date(s) - 22/03/2017 - 23/03/2017
0 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min

Nilaiyur Village, Thiruparankundram Block, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu, India

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14 II Floor Muniyandi Koil Lane, Manjanakara Stre, Manjanakara Street,
Tamil Nadu