WATER IN MARCH!2017 is an event that is focused on efficient irrigation management and irrigation water economy.

This year the event will launch on March 21 with an educational visit to the Department of Rural Economy and Veterinary of Arta city in order to inform and educate the working agornomists regarding the agrometeorological monitoring system of the Tecnological Educational Institute of Epirus.

The main event will be held on March 22 where an open round table will be organized at the Chamber of Arta city. At this event, the results of IRMAsys impementation at the kiwi cultivation
during the 2016 irrigation period at the plain of Arta, will be presented. IRMAsys (http://arta.irrigation-management.eu/) is a web based irrigation data and recommendations system which was developed during IRMA project. A team of scientists will participate to an open discussion regarding kiwi crop management with the usage of water, soil and climate data.

Finally the event will end at the March 23 with a film projection regarding water issues at the library of the Tecnological Educational Institute of Epirus.

Date(s) - 21/03/2017 - 23/03/2017
9 h 00 min - 21 h 00 min


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