World Water Day (Water and Wastewater)

Shirnaw organization for the first time in the Middle East celebrates #WorldWaterDay under the title of (Water and Wastewater), in various locations in Erbil / Iraq, , the event starts from (February 1st to May 1st of 2017) including 22nd of March by making seminars and sharing awareness for a better understanding the importance of water and highlighting on the crises that face water nowadays.
22nd of March coincides with the second day of (Newroz) and the second day of Kurdish new year, Kurdish people around the world especially in the four parts of Kurdistan region visit rural areas mostly close to water bodies to celebrate the event (Newroz) and spend a great time with their families mostly three days that might extend to a month, but while they are enjoying their time water bodies get polluted by throwing plastic and toxic materials into water environments without purpose, we forget that it’s the same water that enters into our homes.
this will be a suitable way to share awareness and reach more people.

Date(s) - 01/02/2017 - 01/05/2017
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in various places in Erbil /Iraq

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in various places in Erbil /Iraq