Aqua Aura, Warped landscapes
The Italian artist Aqua Aura, known and appreciated internationally, presents in Ferrara the public exhibition “Paesaggi Curvi”, curated by Maria Letizia Paiato and Chiara Serri. Divided into two museum spaces (Palazzina Marfisa d’Este and Sinagoga Grande della Scola Italiana), the exhibition is characterized by the encounter between the landscape tradition and different artistic contemporary languages (video environmental projections, video-sculptures, 3D animation and computerized prototyping). As in the video “Millennial Tears”, which highlights the dramatic melting of the Arctic ice sheet, even the works of recent production, such as the video “Where the Lost Things Are”, underline the importance of preserving the glaciers, water and more generally nature, bearer of the arcane feelings of “magic” and “sublime”.
Event info
Start date: March 16, 2019
End date: May 5, 2019
Organization: Art exhibition realized in collaboration with the Civic Museums of Ancient Art and the Jewish Community of Ferrara, under the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality of Ferrara and the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah (MEIS)

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