Arnos Vale Beach Clean-Up
In 2019 the community of Plymouth/ Arnos Vale will continue to celebrate World Water Day as it has over the last three years. Participants will gather together to pick garbage up off our beach, ensure that there are garbage cans and signs to encourage people to keep the beach clean, learn about about how good environmental hygiene is essential to improving  water quality and protecting our land and marine life, and to give thanks for our water fortunes. Here is our Beach Sign: Welcome to Arnos Vale Beach Keep Arnos Vale Beach Clean & Healthy Please Deposit Waste in the Bins Provided. This: • Helps us look good • Discourages breeding of rats, flies, mosquitoes & bacteria • Decreases water pollution • Supports the health of fish and other wildlife • Tells people that we care about our environment.
Event info
Start date: March 24, 2019
End date: March 24, 2019
Organization: Plymouth/ Arnos Vale Community & Plymouth Police Youth Club

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