Clean Water for Rural Madagascar
Today on WorldWaterDay 2019, it’s about leaving no one behind. We are proud to contribute to SDG6 by launching a project that will allow 3000 people in the least developed & water scarce Madagascar to get access to affordable clean water:
The inhabitants of Efoetsy, a village located on the dry south-western coast of Madagascar, depend on salty and contaminated water for drinking water, which in some cases takes three hours to collect. The only alternative drinking water for these people is relatively expensive bottled water. These circumstances make securing clean drinking water a daily challenge that leads to avoidable, and sometimes fatal, diseases. A strong partnership between the local community and Elemental Water FoundationTrans-Mad’ Développement, Global Shapers Amsterdam, Feedback Company , JCI Volcke Rack Moerdijk, and Elemental Water Makers will address this challenge in a sustainable and innovative way. Become involved in this project, contribute and help Efoetsy get access to clean water.
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2039
Organization: Elemental Water Foundation
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