Concord Wastewater Treatment Facility Open House
The City of Concord, New Hampshire invites the community to get involved in World Water Day by learning more about wastewater. Where does water go after it’s used? For developing countries and low-income areas, wastewater is often directly discharged into the closest surface water drain with very little to no treatment. Approximately 80% of wastewater worldwide flows back into nature without being treated or reused. For Concord, wastewater is collected through the City’s sanitary sewer collection system and transported to one of our wastewater treatment facilities. Approximately 4.3 million gallons of wastewater are processed every day in Concord to protect public health and the local environment. The reclaimed water is properly disinfected, tested regularly for quality standards, and recovered safely back into the Merrimack River. The City’s investments in sustainable wastewater management, including building our treatment facilities in 1973 and 1979, have since improved the quality of the Merrimack River. Learn more about Concord’s wastewater treatment by visiting In celebration of World Water Day, Concord residents are invited to attend an open house of our Hall Street Wastewater Treatment Facility on March 22nd. Visit the administration building at 125 Hall Street any time between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for a facility tour and a walk-through of the treatment process. Attendees should be advised that odor emissions have reduced significantly over the years through past facility improvements, but some odors are still present due to the natural treatment process. For any questions about the open house, please send an email to We hope to see you there!
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: Concord General Services (City of Concord)

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