Conference “Water in the food industry”
Our annual conference “Water in the food industry” will be held in Odessa national academy of food technologies (Ukraine)  already by 11 times. We devote it to the World water day as students have to study by means of personal participation in events of the real world, create new decisions and gain skills, so necessary for all who participate in cooking. Young scientists from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria annually participate in a conference. Main objectives of a conference: generalisation of results of basic and applied researches in problems of water treatment and discussion of the new ideas, development of joint projects. Safe water supports health of all and therefore it is very important for sustainable development and the stable and prospering world. Available and stable management of water for all is a guarantee of both a healthy lifestyle, and healthy food, our ecology and сlimate change
Event info
Start date: March 20, 2020
End date: March 21, 2020
Organization: Odessa national academy of food technologies (ONAFT)

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