COVID19PRM4WWD2020 – A FrontierTech4Good COVID19 Oriented World Water Day 2020 Initiative
This one of its kind tracking initiative from the stable of the ‘Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation’ draws from the strategic pointers of a recent WHO Director – General’s speech and evidences what can be called an innovative 3 pronged ‘Pandemic Response Mechanism’ based on frontier ML(Machine Learning ) /AI (Artificial Intelligence ) /Blockchain technologies. The first part of the said Mechanism covers 1) Emerging Clinical Responses covering transient and medium to long term immunity. The second part of the Mechanism covers 2) Emerging Contextual Responses ranging from Risk Assessment /Early Warning Alerts to Incident/Heat Maps applying a variety of modelling approaches; effective distance based, social media led, proprietary algorithms driven on a wide gamut of contagion factors to name a few. And the third part of the Mechanism covers 3) Well defined scientific questions covering key research and development priorities, pandemic research open data sets and response directed data challenges targeting a broad spectrum of research and data/insight communities. We believe such a tracking initiative is a small but critical step in bringing together the growing body of evidence tackling the timely and much needed topic of ‘Strategic Preparedness and Response’ of Pandemic Outbreaks albeit with specific reference to #COVID-19. But, importantly how does all this tie up to World Water Day 2020, one may ask! Our answer to that lays in this year’s thematic focus (Water and Climate Change ) of World Water Day 2020  with specific emphasis on  ‘Water for Health and Wellbeing’ tying SDG6 and SDG3 goals through the route of building up long term immunity by • well informed sustained healthy lifestyle choices, • safe WASH practices, • leverage on immuno therapeutic and nutritive properties of water >>  starting with individuals and thereby highlighting the crucial role of ‘Water’s role in such an endeavour #WorldWaterDay. Stay Safe! Stay Hydrated! Stay Informed! (2 Goodreads we suggest: ‘The Spiritual Life of Water: Its Power and Purpose’: Alick Bartholomew, ‘Message from Water’: Dr. Masaru Emoto) Happy World Water Day 2020!
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Start date: March 21, 2020
End date:
Organization: Change Planet Partners Climate Innovation Foundation

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