Happy World’s Water Day.

Dear Sirs,

It’s time to concentrate world’s a huge efforts to fix the problem that we have had ignored to deal with it properly for ages, it’s time for The Human Civilization be fair with all parts of The Planet Earth and treat a deserts as should been treated, as a part of The Moral Responsibility toward The Planet Earth and The Human Species.

In respect to the climate changes and increasing the temperature rates of The Earth and expansion of the desertification, we may not to be able to change the rate of the water evaporation from the ground and plantations particularly in the hot areas of Earth, but we may be able to change paths of rivers to make them change their latest destinations to another destinations areas to the sea, to make a suitable channels permit these rivers passes through a deserts and make a suitable plantations and tree forest which are able to live in hot areas and use a high value salt water during the irrigation (such a Palm Trees), thus we may be able to change the nature of deserts to make them a green productive areas. In another hand we may also make a lakes nearby a plantation areas, with a suitable channels, may fill these lakes automatically due to the Earth’s gravity force (considering elevations of channel and lakes areas from the flooded areas), during a having raining and flooding seasons, to take the advantage of these priceless water during the flooding to be used for human requirements and agricultural purposes.

In respect to the hot areas of the Earth which have no any rivers we may encourage a researches of extraction a drinking water from sea water via a solar energy and Earth’s Gravity Force, because as much as the rate of the water evaporation from the ground is at a higher level this system will be active because it doesn’t need to reach a boiling temperature point of water but it depends upon the atomic diffusion concept, exactly as the state of water evaporation from the ground which occurs due to the atomic diffusion of water molecules from the ground and the plantations.

For example:

This is the summary of The “Study how to make The Easiest Design of The System Which able to extract a Drinking Water from The Sea Water via a Solar Energy”.

As long as we study and learn a new sciences, we find ourselves need to return to a basic concepts to solve our complex modern problems, because all sciences based upon same base of facts.

The global warming now is in the highest averages of records and it accuses extending the desertification around the world,  due to increasing the average of a water evaporation of the ground, we could take the advantage of this increasing in the average of a water evaporation to install a new foundations in world’s extreme hot deserts, which able to extract a pure drinking water depending upon a water evaporation concept from a sea water via a Solar Energy and Earth’s Gravity Force to guarantee the duration of the function of this system without any external energy sources, in order to get a required amounts of water for the human required and for a agricultural purposes, to change a wide areas of The Planet Earth which called a Deserts ( Where it is a Rich Areas of a Solar Energy , Raw Materials , a unique Animals and etc.) to make it a green and food producer areas.

Because increasing in the rates of a water evaporation due to the global warming, means increasing of the efficiency of this system as well, which depends upon evaporating sea water due to the diffusion of water molecules according to the atomic diffusion theory below the boiling temperature of the water, then condensation the steam of water or Vapour via ( a Cycle of a Cool Sea Water) in a different vessels to return it’s a liquid phase again to be able to be used properly for a life requirement.

The idea of this program is a very simple and basic which depends on evaporating sea water then condensation the steam to a liquid phase again, but we need to build a strong and hard bases for a several sorts  of vessels (containers) of this system to guarantee the required levels (elevations) of these vessels to keep the duration of the operation of this system, depending upon the differences in the density of a water in the different phases and different values of its temperature, where the evaporation and condenser units should be at a lower elevation of world’s sea water elevation to take the advantage of Earth’s Gravity Force to push the water to the required procedures automatically, as a following diagram:

1. Vessel (containers) of a Sea Water Level Regulator (regulating sea water in the Evaporating Vessel).

2. Vessel (containers) of Evaporating a Sea Water via a Solar Energy, which should be a stainless steel (Nickle – Crum – Iron) alloys antirust steel.

3. Vessel (containers) to condenser steam of water to a liquid phase via a cool sea water.

4. Vessel of cooling (containers) via a cool sea water.

5. Conjunction Tubes.

This a basic system may solve a complex a recently challenges of the desertification, it doesn’t need an extra complex accessories such a solar panels and electric motors , particularly at this time the heat in world’s deserts is in a highest recorded value,  this may rise the efficiency of this system and also we should avoid any a complex and expensive accessories which prevent use it for a long term, therefore we should design these foundation in a simple design to make it easy to be used and maintenance via a communities who live in these hot deserts, it only needs a maintenance once or twice a month to clean a Vessel (containers) of Evaporating a Sea Water via a Solar Energy, which should be a stainless steel (Nickle – Crum- Iron) alloys, which is a anti-rust steels, these foundations should not  be a complex and should prevent using a highest technology as pressure sensors, solar panels, etc. which it may increase its efficiency but the maintenance will be a difficult, thus this mentioned design may needs only a cleaning procedures regularly to release sea salts from the evaporation unit, via using a some light acidic liquids through a maintenance gaps of the evaporating vessels.

It’s time to move and work a seriously to find a required solution for these challenges which threatens The Planet Earth, before it be too late because The Desertification Expending nearly 500 km toward the green areas each 10 years.

Note: This system should been built on the sea coasts in elevation a lower than the elevation of level sea water, in order to keep it working continuously taking the advantage of Earth’s gravity force as an important factor for a duration working of this system continuously without using any external energies, it should depends upon 100% a Solar Energy and Earth gravity force and in a simple design to be able to use and maintenance easily.

It is not impossible to build a system of extraction a drinking water from sea, but the question is who will pay? For the costs of translate a theoretically researches to a practical equipment’s and a big foundations? The fundamentally problem is in the poverty of these communities were suffering of the desertification in (Africa, Asia, etc. ), where they could not pay for their daily requirements to live normally, will they be able to build a big foundations of extraction a drinking water from the sea using a solar energy and Earth’s Gravity Force? These foundations should be built upon a concrete hard bases regarding elevations of each vessel of each procedure to the elevation of sea water and ground to guarantee depending only upon the Solar Energy and Earth’s Gravity Force.

Good luck.

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