ICT Mumbai’s 10K Wat-e-run
The ICT Marathon is a charismatic event. It epitomizes sportsmanship, camaraderie and above all heroism. With every edition of our Green Marathon, we aspire to reach out to more people and in our small way, contribute to bringing the change we wish to see. From running for the dreams of underprivileged children, to supporting the cause of Animal Welfare, ICT Marathon has slowly become the flagship event of Sportsaga. The saga of this marathon began back in 2007,when we saw 700 participants running for PETA, 1500 people ran for the Akshara kids the next year, and in the year after that we joined hands with Maharashta Pollution Control Board. In 2013 we outran cancer and 2014 saw 3000 participants running for ‘Make a Difference’. 2015 witnessed a participation of 4000 people. Last year, ICT Marathon was its pinnacle with more than 4500 people from different corners of the world running for the noble cause of upliftment of underpriviledged children and members of the society. Every year, the proceeds of this event go towards charity and the associated NGO’s whose causes are duly publicized throughout the events. Thus take great pride in being a part of the ICT Marathon, where everyone is equal and ordinary at the starting line, but a HERO is born at the finish line. ICT marathon is incomplete without a cause. So to continue our tradition of running for a socially relevant cause, in association with the Raah Foundation ICT’s Green Marathon presents 💧Wat-e-run💧 As the name suggests, we would be running for water conservation and efficient and effective usage of water.The main aim of ICT’s Wat-e-run is to provide water to those regions which suffer heavy water scarcity. So on world water day💧, 🗓22nd March, 2020, let us all run for water, and let us pledge to save each and every drop of water so that our predecessors don’t see water only in tears.
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2020
End date: March 22, 2020
Organization: ICT

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