Inauguration of Community owned water quality testing Laboratory
In the present development scenario, Water quality plays a vital role but literacy on the water quality is very minimal. In this stage, Water Knowledge centre established a community owned the state of art Water quality testing laboratory equipped with facilities to test Physical, Chemical and Biological parameters of Drinking water, Irrigation water, Domestic water and Waste water. This Laboratory will be able to provide service to farmers, Government, Academicians and other stakeholders. Lab Highlights • High level of precision and accuracy • High level of quality assurance • More consistent results • More samples can be processed in a shorter time Purposes Envisaged To undertake water quality testing at reasonable costs (Both Irrigation and Drinking Water Samples) To provide guidance and recommendations for water quality maintenance and related technical areas. To train / demonstrate / educate students and other stakeholders in Water Quality Testing and Monitoring To support Research and other consultation services These all are aiming to achieve ‘water for all’
Event info
Start date: March 13, 2019
End date: March 23, 2019
Organization: Water Knowledge Centre, The DHAN Academy

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