Let’s keep it clean and wise we use water
A meeting at noon on the Zeta River to hold the water ceremony and blessing in honor of the magnificence of water in ourselves, in our world and to discuss “water is invaluable” theme for the day in the world. We’ll show you interesting videos and introduce creative charts and posters that will remind students of reducing water consumption every day. To point out the need to preserve clean watercourses, because “water is the source of life”. Later that day we will go to a lecture on Drinking Water Quality in the JP Plumbing and Sewerage. Water quality and water supply is one of the most current issues in the world today. Drinking water quality testing of Nikšić city is done in an internal laboratory. Great attention is paid to controlling the quality of drinking water as it is a basic life nutrition for food, food preparation and basic hygiene needs of the population, and therefore a great responsibility.
Event info
Start date: November 30, 1999
End date:
Organization: Olivera Lučić, JU Srednja ekonomsko- ugostiteljska škola, Nikšić, Eco school

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