Metsi Ke Bophelo, A Hlokomele!!! Water Is Life, Preserve it!
Ficksburg is a town situated at the foot of the 1,750 meter high Imperani Mountain in Free State province, South Africa. Ficksburg, after Bethlehem (the chief administrative town) is the second busiest and important town in the Eastern Free State region of the Free State province. It is an important agricultural region where crops like corn and mealies (maize) and asparagus are grown. The most important part of the annual crop of Ficksburg is the harvesting of the cherries on the numerous cherry farms surrounding the town. The cherries are harvested from October to December. Annually in November the Cherry Festival is held. The festival stretches over 3 days and attracts up to 30,000 people. The festival presents family shows and activities like the herding of sheep, horse rides, camel rides, helicopter flips, steam train rides at Sandstone Estate, tours through town to see the sandstone building architecture which Ficksburg is well known for This Event is scheduled as one of the pioneers of Ficksburg LandCare programmes initiatives to raise awareness and educate societies more especially the Children and the Youth on the fundamental importance of preserving water as a natural resource. Partnering with Local Youth Development Movements, Government and other key role players, the intention of Ficksburg LandCare Committee is to advocate for Resource Management and continue to raise awareness through educational programmes intending to educate the masses within our societies of the importance Managing Natural Resources through active participation towards the development of projects that will curb the high unemployment rate affecting our Youth in a Negative manner.  
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2020
End date: March 23, 2020
Organization: Ficksburg LandCare Committee

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