Million Gallon Challenge
With guests from more than 100 countries staying at HI USA hostels each year, attention to water conservation is as important to our global community of travellers as it is to our local communities. If each guest showered for just 30 seconds less, HI USA hostels would save 1 million gallons of water annually. Thanks to a quarter million dollar grant from, Hostelling International USA (HI USA) is installing over 700 Hydrao SmartShowers nationwide across 32 hostels and launching the Million Gallon Challenge on World Water Day 2019. The SmartShower uses fully programmable LED lights that change based on shower duration, as well as transmits shower duration data for each shower to the cloud. Based on average guest shower time, we’ll set the color cues to indicate it’s time to get out 30 seconds earlier than that average.  Once all 700 showerheads are installed, if each guest follows the color indicators, together we can save one million gallons of water per year.  The unexpected experience will disrupt our guests typical routine in a fun, engaging way and promote short and long-term behavior change. By March 22, three hostels will be up and running: HI New Orleans Hostel, HI San Francisco City Center, and HI Santa Monica.  The rest of our network will be up and running by mid summer. The first three hostels will begin tracking gallons saved on World Water Day and the counting doesn’t stop until we’ve reached one million gallons. While our event is only accessible to guests at our hostels, we are rallying a growing community of partners and influencers to share #milliongallonchallenge and #worldwaterday online. We have promo videos and graphics designed to raise awareness not just about our campaign, but about how water scarcity is an issue with widespread impacts, even where you might not expect it.
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: Hostelling International USA

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