No Planet B: I mestieri della sostenibilità – No Planet B: The Crafts of Sustainability
Every year since 1992, March 22nd is World Water Day, an event designated by the United Nations and included in Agenda 21 guidelines among actions concerning the main environmental challenges of our century: climate change, atmospheric pollution and exploitation of non-renewable energies. The aim of this day is increasing awareness on the global community and acting concretely for the protection of water, rethinking it as a key resource for sustainable development.   In the occasion of this celebration, Scuderia, together with the Future Food Institute, will host the event “No Planet B: The Crafts of Sustainability“. During the evening, experts in the field will discuss about the new environmental challenges that the Earth is currently tackling. Participants will be inspired by their stories and projects aiming to enrich our Planet, more and more threatened and vulnerable.   Moreover, during the event there will be #Akefalos, a video mapping installation proposed by Imaginarium Creative Studio that shows both weaknesses and beauties of the underwater world, that, during the last decades, has been victim of the increasingly powerful pollution. In the installation, the ocean flows as an harmonic symphony and its marine species are the executors of a magnificent natural composition that is threatened by humans. The illustrations of the video mapping installation are all made with felt-tip pen on paper, and music has been chosen accurately to produce immersive harmonic and disharmonic sounds.
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: Future Food Institute, Scuderia - Future Food Urban CooLab

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