Science and Water on World water day
Scientific research and technological development in water-related issues has received special attention from the different actors that make up the National Science and Technology System of Angola (SNCTI). The Faculty of Sciences of Agostinho Neto University, through its Department of Geology, includes lines of research directed to water resources and in the context of the celebration of World Water Day, will hold the Workshop entitled “Science and Water” with the objective to share and discuss results related to scientific research in the field of water resources. This year of 2019, the World Organization of the United Nations defined as a World Water Day slogan “Leave no one behind” and the case studies that will be presented in the scope of the workshop to be held on March 22, 2019, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in the Magna Room of the Faculty of Sciences of Agostinho Neto University, located at Avenida 4 de Fevereiro nº71, focus their attention on: remote sensing techniques in the identification of groundwater standards in the province of Kwanza Sul, recharge episodes in the Quelo – Luanda aquifer system, the geochemical model of groundwater of the Quelo – Luanda aquifer system, water storage infrastructures, as well as legislation and strategic plan for hydrographic Angolan regions. Are invited to the workshop, teachers, researchers, decision-makers and students.
Event info
Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: Department of Geology-Faculty of Sciences of Agostinho Neto University

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