Storie dal mondo. Acqua e Integrazione (Stories from the world. Water and Integration)
SVIMED, Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development, Mediterranean Hope of Scicli, the Lions Clubs of the Province of Ragusa, with the participation of the Municipality of Scicli, organize two events for the celebration of the World Water Day 2019: the first will be held on March 15th and will be dedicated to children through the projection and graphic re-interpretation of an animated movie, while the second, scheduled on March 22nd in the afternoon, will be a debate on the subject “STORIES AND TESTIMONIALS: WATER, HUMAN RIGHTS AND REFUGEES”. The debate, combining the theme launched by UN WATER for the 2019 World Water Day “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: HUMAN RIGHTS AND REFUGEES”, will be a moment reflecting on the difficulties that millions of people meet to stock up water, often of low quality and, also will be an invitation for synergic cooperation to reduce these difficulties. The difficulties in accessing the water resource, historical for certain geographical areas, have become more acute and extended to other areas of the planet due to the increasing concentration of populations in urban centers and for biblical migrations, triggered by climate change, wars and unsustainable living conditions , which induce millions of people to abandon their lands of origin.
Event info
Start date: March 15, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: SVIMED - Euro-Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development - Ragusa

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