The Last Drop- Documentary Release
The Last Drop is a short documentary highlighting the Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania and various tribes’ and communities’ struggles as water supplies change. Interviewing elders in this traditional coffee-growing region, Erin Huber from the non-profit Drink Local Drink Tap, explores their stories. After climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to view it’s disappearing ice, Huber realized the impacts of the climate crisis were immediate in the surrounding communities. Stories of violence, fighting and even death have been plaguing people, yet they are not contributing to the climate crisis in a large way, and they know it. It’s up to the western world to take action, because as you’ll see, local Tanzanians are doing everything they can to grow your coffee, live simply and make a life for their families. For some, they have faced the Last Drop and have had to shift their lives forever. The climate crisis is now.
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Start date: March 19, 2020
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Organization: Drink Local Drink Tap

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