Water for all! Leaving No one behind!
‘‘’Water for All! Leaving no one behind! Whoever you are, wherever you are Water is your human right!! Because water is life’’ Can you imagine….
  • What If you do not get water for a Week? Even for a day in this hot and arid climate condition?
    • You will be dehydrated/ loses 1-1.5 liter/hr from your body as a sweat which can result death in days.
  • What if water points and toilets are inaccessible?
    • Children drop out from schools as it takes long to fetch water, there will be no means/very difficult to physically disable people to get water, GBV risk increased on children, girls and women on the way to very far water sources as women and girls are primarily responsible to this task.
  • What if you drink water from unprotected source/ water which is not handled properly during transportation and household storage?
    • You will be unhealthy, not productive, waste time and money for treatment, even can be result death if not get treatment on time.
This tells us!  
  • Access to water determines our life style, our education, our Health, Protection and so on
Yes, In fact, Water is our life! ’’ Norwegian Church Aid WASH Program Manager highlighted during the International water day celebration. NCA and Action for the Needy in Ethiopia (WASH response responsible agencies in Jewi camp) jointly celebrate Water Day with the refugee community today March 22, 219 in Jewi camp, Gambella region. Message which have been emphasised during the event celebration;
  • A one-hour reduction in water collection time can increases girls’ school enrolment by as much as 19%.
  • 200 million person-hours each day are dedicated to water collection keeping people away from school and work.
  • Globally, women and girls are primarily responsible for water collection in 80% of households without access to water on premises.
  • Most water contamination occurs in the collection, transport, and storage. However, only 35% of refugees have access to safely managed drinking water supply located on premises.
This statistics tells us still we need do even more to address all the reason for water crisis, to not to let no one behind for water access!
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