On March 22 we mark “World Water Day” and a professional celebration of “Irrigation Systems” EAD. We organized a campaign called “WATER IS FOR ALL”. Anyone wishing to participate can send us PHOTOGRAPHY, PLACEMENT OR DRAWING ON THE TOPIC: “WATER IS FOR ALL”. Children and young people up to 19 can participate in the contest. The participants will be divided into two age categories – up to 11 years and 12 to 19 years. There are no restrictions on the technique of making the work – drawing, graphic design, photo, graphics, etc. Maximum allowable size of the work – A3 Format. An obligatory requirement is that the works are related to the topic of the contest. Any person willing to participate can only participate with one work – photography, poster or drawing. It is necessary to put the works in an envelope with the names of the author and age written on the back of the work. On a separate sheet, which is placed in the big envelope, the names, age, address and telephone for the participant are entered. Specially formed committees, on a territorial basis, will rank the three best works in each of the age groups. Those wishing to participate can submit their works to the following regional representations of Irrigation Systems EAD: Office “Sofia” – town of Sofia Office “Topolnitsa” – town of Pazardzhik Office “Maritza” – town of Plovdiv Office “Shymen” – town of Shumen Office “Mizia” – town of Vratsa Office “Sredna Tundzha” – town of Sliven Office “Black Sea” – town of Varna Office “Lower Danube” – town of Rousse Deadline for submitting the works – 15.03.2019 By 20.03.2019 the website of “Irrigation Systems” EAD will publish information on the times and places where the award of the participants on a territorial basis will be held. The best works will be used in the calendar of “Irrigation Systems” EAD for 2020.
Event info
Start date: March 1, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019
Organization: Irrigation Systems

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