Water Literacy Open Forum “Let‘s chat and think about water”
Let’s chat about water on the day before “World Water Day”!!

Ten speakers will talk about water in 400 seconds using 20 slides.

<Topics from speakers> “Kenya’s water problems and efforts to improve it” “About the mysterious relationship between soap and water” “What is NGO doing to solve water and sanitation problems in developing countries?” “To solve the water problem of water living people in Vietnam” “Relationship between delicious tea and delicious water” etc. All participants will make “World Water Day Karuta”. After listening to the story of the speakers,let‘s express what you felt and thought as “Karuta(Traditional Japanese playing cards). Facilitators on the day:Michiru Sasagawa (Director of Associattion of Rainwater citizens), Keiichi Sato (Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Kaoru Takahashi (Executive Director of Water Aid Japan), Junji Hashimoto (Journalist), Kazuyo Hanyu (Researcher at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Mark Langager (Senior Associate Professor of International Christian University), Teruo Yoshino (Emeritus Professor, International Christian University)
Event info
Start date: March 21, 2019
End date: February 21, 2019
Organization: Water Literacy Open Forum

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