We are medical students in Turkey and we are the members of Public Health Group of Turkish Medical Students’ Association called turkmsic. 22nd of March celebrates World Water Day to create awareness for water’s importance for the earth and natural balance.As public health volunteers,we decided to make an event to tell about water’s importance in human healthy. We will make our event on 9th of March and bring together World Water Day with World Kidney Day,because 14th of March celebrates World Kidney Day and we decided to raise awareness of people in one event for both special days.We will give informations to people and we will distribute bottled water.At the same time,we will open stands for blood,organ and stem cell donations for the people who need help and we will give information to donators about stem cell,organ and blood donations too.To attract people,children and families,we will bring band,clowns and balloons.  
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Organization: Turkish Medical Students' Association - Kahramanmaras Local Committee

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