World Water Day 2019 – Clean-up & Up-Cycle
Water, is a source of life for all living things on Planet Earth, especially so for marine life, which happens to be our food source. Water pollution, however, has become one of the greatest environmental concerns; as more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is water, this means the problem is a very big one. We treat the oceans as a dumping ground for trash. We also leave our litter and fishing gear behind after we have enjoyed the beaches. Besides causing contamination, our various types of litter hurt and kill marine animals. This affects their populations, their ecosystems, and will take many, many years to recover. Plastic contains toxic chemicals, and because it takes hundreds of years to decompose, it changes water’s mineral content with excess nitrogen, ammonia and phosphates. This results in ‘eutrophication’, the overgrowth of algae/plant, which greatly reduces oxygen levels in the water and damages marine ecosystems. In turn, this impacts our climate as more carbon dioxide is released to the atmosphere, causing thermal pollution in the water, and thermal shock to marine life. This is something we need to be aware of. When we eat fish and seafood, we ultimately also consume the plastics and toxic materials we put in the ocean. Only if our oceans are clean and healthy, we can be healthy. So, what can we do to reduce water pollution & improve our environmental friendliness? 1.Plastic waste reduction : – 80% of plastic in our oceans are our thrown-away plastic bottles & bags. – So let’s all reduce using plastics and utilize only re-usable cutlery, lunch boxes, cloth bags & bamboo/metal straws. 2.Water conservation : – Start with the awareness that water is scarce and that it is critical to our survival. – > 65% of our body consists of water; we cannot survive > 1 week without it. –  Use only what you need. Be Inspired ♥ Be The Inspiration ♥ Be the Force that creates a Better World! YOU have the power to make a difference. Program Highlights –  Pledge : our Commitment to Water Conservation & efforts towards Climate Change. –  Upcycle : Bring 5 used, clean snack wrappers (e.g. big potato chips bag), and exchange it for your very own stylishly upcycled, zippered bag. (While stocks last) –  Education : on bio-degradable Cassava bag. (Free samples will be distributed) –  Experiment : Gathering micro-plastics, dissolving/burning cassava bag We promise you an exciting time of learning while we save our precious environment. See you then!! To Bring List: 1. Covered Shoes to protect your feet (best is water boot) 2. At least 1 litre of water to keep yourself hydrated 3. Gloves (Optional: See remarks below*) 4. Used Plastic Bags (Optional: See remarks below*) 5. Cap (Optional) 6. Sunblock 7. Insect Repellent (Optional) 8. Camera (take pictures and share around) 9. Umbrella/poncho (in case raining) Remarks*: Although we provide gloves and plastic bags for the event. We encourage participants to bring their own gloves or plastic bags if they have it. So we could reduce our waste and promote recycle and reuse concept. Registration via Ticket Link : For Enquiry: Tel: 6222 5114 or Email:
Event info
Start date: March 23, 2019
End date: March 23, 2019
Organization: Guardians Of Mother Earth
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