World Water Day 2019 School Advocacy Program- Leaving No One Behind in Access to Safe Water
A BRIEF OF THE DAY’S EVENT The event commenced at 8:00 am with arrival of school pupils and guests. After the school assembly ended at about 8:40 am, the Head of school HOS Peaceville, Mrs Elizabeth Adebayo welcomed everyone and stated the purpose of the event.  This year’s 22nd March World Water Day also marked the end of the school’s Book Week and saw the children dressed in an array of their favorite book character costume which added color and beauty to the day. Mr. Samuel O. Onabanjo of Replenish the Earth, environmental resource Centre gave the keynote address. In his speech, he stated that one of the ways the Centre hope to achieve their business of “caring for the earth and making it better than we used it” is through advocacy program such as this in schools, market places and communities. For this year’s World Water Day, the Centre coined a sub-theme- World Water Day 2019 School Advocacy Program- Leaving No One Behind in Access to Safe Water. The aim is to create awareness among the school pupils about the day, while focusing their attention on the importance, need and conservation of water in order to make safe water accessible to all. He later introduced the partnering organization collaborating with Replenish the Earth for this year’s World Water Day celebrations. He rounded off by introducing the first speaker of the day, Mrs Adejoke V. Bayowa from Replenish the Earth who gave the talk “About World Water Day”. Mrs Bayowa having considered the peculiarity of the audience, used scriptural reference from the book of Eksodus chapter 15, verse 20-25 to illustrate the importance and need of water, the consequence of lack of water and how unsafe and unwanted polluted water could be, using a short story that kept the children agog and alert till the end of the session. No doubt majority of them understood the topic and could relate with what the theme and sub-theme of this year’s World Water Day is all about; “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND”. It is important to mention here that the theme for the second term school session at Peaceville School this year is- SAVING WATER. The experience therefore from this year’s World Water Day further corroborated the teachings in school. This was immediately followed by goodwill messages from the partners that were around. Mr Gbenga Odutolu and Mrs Josephine Olomu represented the RAPAC while Mrs Bunmi from Redemption waters did not arrive until the end of the program. The main talk of the day, on the World Water Day theme was to be taken by a representative of the Nigerian Environmental Society NES (Lagos Chapter Mainland); and was done by Mrs Adejoke V. Bayowa an executive member of the association. She elaborated on how this year’s theme relate to water, how billions of people are still living without safe water and how all these could affect our moving forward in a global society. The session was rounded off with contributions from the school pupils who mentioned ways in which they could do their part which includes: not wasting water and not throwing dirty things into water. Next was the talk by the public health team of the Redeemed Action for People and Communities RAPAC. This was presented by the senior program officer, Mr. Gbenga Odutolu. He elaborated on how water forms a large volume of our body fluid and how it is very important to drink water regularly during the day and less at night (in order to have a good sleep and dry bed!). The session was great fun as he used fun songs and illustrations to also teach about water sanitation and how keeping our environment free from stagnant water can keep the mosquitoes away. This was followed by poems and recitations. Mrs. Endurance Okpara, a volunteer with Replenish the Earth read the poem titled –“water, water, everywhere” (a short poem by 10 year old Charlie Woodhouse). The year 5 pupils of Peaceville School also gave some informative renditions about water, showing off their understanding of the school’s water theme for the term. The program came to a climax with the presentation of certificate of participation to the partners and vote of thanks by Mr. Segun Bayowa of Replenish the Earth.  Mrs. Elizabeth Adebayo, HOS Peaceville School appreciated the team for choosing the school as the venue for this year’s program and stated that the school would like to always be a part of the yearly celebrations of World Water Day. The program came to a close at 9:52am. The 2019 World Water Day was a first for Replenish the Earth; a newly established environmental resource Centre with the vision of making earth resources better than it has been used. Community education through advocacy is one of the tools intended to achieve this. This is a first step out and a launching forth and it was described by those present as a good success. To God, be the Glory.
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Start date: March 22, 2019
End date: March 22, 2019

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