World Water Day 5k

In March 2018, we had more runners/walkers, and volunteers than ever before! Morrisville and the Triangle showed up! Because of this, we were able to raise enough money to provide clean drinking water to at least 5 villages which are now being benefitted by thousands of Indians.

The Race continues in 2019 as we dream for more villages in India to have access to clean drinking water. By providing wells to under resourced villages in India, women will no longer walk for miles to fetch water, men will have a water source for their crops and livestock, and children will finally be able to enjoy the sweetness of a good bath!

One clean water project cost $4,000 and provides a bore well, submersible pump, overhead tank, and 6 gravity taps. It provides clean drinking water to over 2,000 thirsty villagers! With $40,000 we can do 10 water projects and impact the lives of 20,000 villagers!

Event info
Start date: March 23, 2019
End date: March 23, 2019
Organization: Carry The Water NC

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