World Water Wave, Stockholm 2019

WORLD WATER WAVE – Let the consciousness flow

Water is essential for life. Do you think of it and treat it that way? In the spirit of UN World Water Day, three artistic and determined women (Elin Pöllänen, Andrea Håkansson and Christine Hames) decided to arrange the event World Water Wave (WWW), which will take place on the 19th of March (2019) in the city built on water, Stockholm. The event adopts this year’s theme by UN, ‘leaving no one behind’, which relates the access and quality of water to issues on equality. WWW embraces the notion that the issue of water includes many other socially and ecologically important waves: of sustainability, of equality, of animal rights, of behaviour change, and of an emotional reconnection to nature.

 On behalf of this day, knowledge unites with live music performances and a movie premiere, all with the theme water. Around 70 percent of the earth’s surface contains water, and the human body is mainly built up with water. World water Wave is about reconnecting to water, which also means connecting to ourselves as inhabitants of this planet and as sentient beings.

 We often show the water within us when we do something that arouse emotion or energy: when we cry, when we sweat. Arts has the power to take us straight to the core of ourselves, where we face and can learn to accept our limitations, but also: our strengths, and our possibilities to find our flow.


17:00 The doors open and the mingle starts 18:00 World Water Wave officially starts with poetry reading

by Andrea Håkansson and Christine Hames 18.15 Music by Christine Hames and Richard Hames 18:30  Speaker one: Somayeh Cardeijn: human rights and water

18:50 Movie premiere: Tap Water Engine

B- R- E- A- K  

19.20 Music performance: Kieli 19:45 Speaker two: Ahmed Al-Qassam 20:00 Panel Discussion 21:00 Program finishes, but hopefully not the discussions…

ALSO a vegan tattoo artist available at the event, maybe get a tattoo while you’re at it to make the evening even more special? Reduced prices just for this occassion.
Event info
Start date: March 19, 2019
End date: March 19, 2019
Organization: non-profit/privately initiated organization

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