Valuing Water

Water means different things to different people.

This conversation is about what water means to you.

How is water important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment?

In households, schools and workplaces, water can mean health, hygiene, dignity and productivity.

In cultural, religious and spiritual places, water can mean a connection with creation, community and oneself.

In natural spaces, water can mean peace, harmony and preservation.

Today, water is under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing demands of agriculture and industry, and the worsening impacts of climate change.

Tell us your stories, thoughts and feelings about water.

By recording - and celebrating - all the different ways water benefits our lives, we can value water properly and safeguard it effectively for everyone.

Join the conversation about what water means to you.


World Water Day 2021 toolkit

The World Water Day 2021 toolkit contains everything you need to inspire your friends, family and colleagues:

  • Q&A on valuing water
  • Key campaign messages
  • Top facts

Download the toolkit in

Arabic, ChineseEnglish, French, Russian and Spanish.

What is being done?

A group of enthusiastic Dutch students, young professionals and athletes have initiated an International Wavemaker Academy for youngsters with a #TalentForWater. The project builds on the idea that ‘Tiny drops of action create a wave of impact’ and aims to ...
World Water Day pivot event
On 22 March, 2021, World Water Day will be celebrated in an online event. The World Water Day celebrates water and raises awareness of the global water crisis, and a core focus of the observance is to support the achievement ...
water source security
A multi-stakeholder forum is being organised in conjunction to the World Water Day under the theme 'Water Source Security: Is desalination the way to go?'. The event is hosted online on 22 March by the Centre for Circular Economy (FIN ...
World Water Day Kids Summit
For more than 10 years, school children in Osaka, Japan, have held their own World Water Day Kids Summit, and made a powerful declarations to the world about how they value water.