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Image: ©Holandse Hoogte / Jaco Klamer

The Valuing Water Initiative – Better decisions impacting water

The Valuing Water Initiative (VWI) was launched in January 2019 to implement the Valuing Water Principles developed by the United Nations and World Bank High-Level Panel on Water. The Valuing Water Principles seek to bring systemic change in the way water is valued in decision-making to ensure we can live in a sustainable water-secure world. 

Whether acting as governments, municipalities, businesses, farmers, civil societies, communities or as individuals, valuing water is a shared responsibility of us all. We have a duty to: 

  1. Recognize and embrace water’s multiple values to different groups and interests in all decisions affecting water;
  2. Reconcile values and build trust – conduct all processes to reconcile values in ways that are equitable, transparent and inclusive;
  3. Protect the sources, including watersheds, rivers, aquifers, associated ecosystems, and used water flows for current and future generations;
  4. Educate to empower – promote education and awareness among all stakeholders about the intrinsic value of water and its essential role in all aspects of life;
  5. Invest and innovate – ensure adequate investment in institutions, infrastructure, information and innovation to realize the many benefits derived from water and reduce risks.

On World Water Day the Valuing Water initiative would like you to join and show the world how you, or your organisation, values water. This can be done with a photo or video using the hashtag #valuewater and any other hashtags affiliated to World Water Day such as #water2me and #WorldWaterDay.