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World Water Day Kids Summit

World Water Day Kids Summit

For more than 10 years, school children in Osaka, Japan, have held their own World Water Day Kids Summit, and made a powerful declarations to the world about how they value water.

Their plan, or set of rules, is a reminder about the importance of our local rivers and water sources, and also our personal responsibilities.


Here are their top 10 tips:

  1. Care for limited resources and do not waste water

  2. Cooperate in recycling.

  3. Do not destroy and pollute nature.

  4. Do not cheat by saying “I am not the only one who has done that” or “It is not my business”.

  5. Make yourself love the sea, river, and nature.

  6. Consciously think water is "delicious" when you drink water.

  7. Observe rivers and ponds to see what kind of animals or plants are living there.  

  8. Stop littering!

  9. To make many people know the importance of water, create some events that various people can participate in.

  10. Volunteer activities at elementary school committees.