According to the 2018 United Nations/World Bank High Level Panel on Water, forty per cent of the world’s population is affected by water scarcity, with as many as 700 million people at risk of being displaced as a result of drought by 2030.  A lack of water – often the outcome of drought  – is already  fuelling migration due to its impacts on people’s livelihoods.


The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) brochure ‘The ripple effect: A Fresh Approach to Reducing Drought Impacts and Building Resilience’ highlights the impact of current droughts as well as presenting projections for the future. It strongly suggests that overcoming the prevailing paradigm of ‘reactive’ and ‘crisis-based’ approaches to drought and moving towards ‘proactive’ and ‘risk-based’ approaches will be indispensable to reducing the risks and mitigating the impacts of droughts, floods and other extreme weather events.

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