World Water Day 2019: Leaving no one behind

UNHCR’s report: one person displaced every two seconds

The UN Refugee Agency’s annual Global Trends study found 68.5 million people had been driven from their homes across the world at the end of 2017, more people than the population of Thailand.
Secretary-General’s message World Water Day 2019

Photo credit: UN Geneva   Secretary-General António Guterres message World Water Day 2019   Water is vital for survival and, alongside sanitation, helps protect public and environmental health. Our bodies, our cities and our industries, our a …

World Water Day 2019. A Message by Pope Francis

On the occasion of World Water Day, the Holy Father Pope Francis sent a message to Prof. José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Putting nature to work: integrating green and grey infrastructure

When it comes to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges, nature can be one of our strongest allies. That is one of the main takeaways from a World Bank and World Resources Institute (WRI) report ‘Integrating Green and Gray – Creating Next Generation Infrastructure.’

Water for all means leaving no one behind

As the 2030 Agenda commits us “to reach the furthest behind first,” we must ask ourselves who, among the 2.1 billion people currently unserved with safe water, are the most marginalized groups and how can we reach them?

Women in rural Kyrgyzstan bring change through water, technology and better infrastructure

Photo credits: Rural Advisory Service In parts of rural Kyrgyzstan, dwindling water resources are having a big impact on agriculture. Collecting water for irrigation is considered women’s work, but until recently, the local community would exclude wome …

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