World Water Day 2019: Leaving no one behind

UNHCR’s report: one person displaced every two seconds

The UN Refugee Agency’s annual Global Trends study found 68.5 million people had been driven from their homes across the world at the end of 2017, more people than the population of Thailand.
100 marathons, 1 reason

The #RunningDry movement, championed by water advocate and ultra runner Mina Guli, connects a global community of runners and water heroes with a single passion: to raise awareness of the global water crisis. Mina’s recent ‘100 marathons in 100 days’ c …

Make Every Drop Count

In conjunction to the World Water Day, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is launching a refreshed campaign to highlight the importance of water conservation, and instil stronger personal responsibility among individuals to save water. The annual …

Water is priceless

United Cities and Local Governments host World Water Day campaign emphasising that the human right to water is essential for good governance, public health, sustainable development and peace.

Lending her voice to marginalized groups

Christina Ochoa supports Clean Water Here and the UN World Water Day, by lending her voice to raise awareness to the fact that billions of people still live without safe water.

Women’s menstrual health should no longer be a taboo

UN human rights experts call on the international community to break the taboo around menstrual health and take concrete action to ensure that discriminatory mindsets are changed, and women’s and girls’ menstrual health protected.

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